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Our services and prices should be good enough to get you in the shop.

Service Price
Adult Haircut – Full cut & line up | ages 18 to 69  $22
Student Haircut – Full cut & line up | ages 13 to 25 $19
Child Haircut – Full cut & line up | children under 12 $15
Senior Haircut – Full cut & line up | age 69+ $15
Taper – Full line up with neck and temple re-blended $15
Line Up – A sharp, clean edge on hairline $8
Full Line Up (w/ Beard) – A sharp, clean edge on hairline and beard $13
Full Beard only – A sharp, clean edge on beard only $10
Mustache/Goatee – A sharp, clean edge on mustache & goatee $7
Designs – Full cut & line up including any shaved design $20+
Hot Towel Shave – Full cut & line up finished with a Hot Towel Shave $20+
Blade work – A sharp, clean edge on hairline and beard with razor $5



How we help you Renew You

Booking an appointment at Onyx Barbers puts you in complete control of your time. An appointment guarantees in & out service (by-pass the wait list) from your preferred barber at a chosen time slot for an additional $10; provided the barber is available.

Simply call at least 24 hours before the desired appointment time and a floor manager will be happy assist you. Take control of your time and call 416-363-8408.


  • No appointments are available within the first & last hour of the shop’s posted opening times
  • Appointments can only be booked at least the day before the desired appointment time
  • We recommend you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment
  • Call us if you need to change any appointment details. We will work with you to ensure your appointment goes as planned.
  • Appointments booked on $7 Tuesdays will count as regular price. i.e ($10 appointment charge + $19 regular haircut + HST).

  • If you are not in the shop at the time of your appointment, the barber will take the next cut on the wait list.
  • If you arrive for your appointment during the first haircut from the wait list, you will be next in the chosen barber’s chair. The same appointment fee will apply.
  • If you do not arrive within the time it takes for the barber to finish one cut, your appointment will be void. You can join the normal wait list, book another appointment or use CAS.

Call Ahead Service

A way to beat the wait list


Call Ahead Service (CAS) is a tool to help reduce your wait times. CAS allows you to call up to 30 minutes before you arrive in the shop and request to have your name added to the wait list.

How it works:

  • Call us at 416-363-8408 up to 30 minutes before you will be in the shop & request to have your name added to the CAS wait list
  • The floor manager will let you know the current time in the shop and the time your 30 minute grace period expires
  • Arrive within your grace period and check-in at the front desk with the floor manager


  • Currently Call Ahead Service can only be requested by telephone only.
  • You must check in before your 30 minute grace period has ended to keep your advanced position in the list; no exceptions
  • If you check in after your grace period, you will be added to the end of the list as a regular walk-in cut


Everyone loves a good deal

$7 Tuesdays
We want to groom ALL of Toronto but we understand that not everyone can afford a regular $19 haircut. We started $7 Tuesdays to allow anyone to get a cut.

  • On Tuesdays (excluding Holidays) all regular Adult, Children, Students and Senior haircuts start at $7! Specialty haircuts start at $14.
  • $7 Tuesdays will not occur on July 28th, September 1st, October 6th, Dec 22nd or Dec 29th due to the Holidays.
  • Facial hair trims, designs, extra lines or razor lining are exclusive of this deal and are available for an additional cost. Appointments booked on $7 Tuesdays are charged at the regular price for each service (i.e $10 for appointment + $19 for full haircut +HST).


Free Birthday Cut
Look fresh for your birthday with a gift of a free haircut from us at ONYX Barbers. Simply come into the shop on your birthday and receive a free full price haircut.

  • This does not apply to facial hair trims, designs extra lines or razor lining. Valid proof of your date of birth will be required.