The Onyx Tree is UP

One of my favourite times of the year is upon us! It’s my favourite time of year because this season makes my children sooo happy. So regardless of what you celebrate or what you do on your special holiday, don’t forget no one enjoys this time of year more than the kids. Ice skating, snow balls, presents and two weeks off of school are right around the corner.

We have a tradition at OnyxBarbers, something we started last year. We put up a tree! An Onyx tree decorated with our customers! This time of year we want to put a special emphasise on our customers and show how much we appreciate them. So on your next visit let our desk staff snap a polaroid of you with your fresh cut, sign it (cause you’re a star) and decorate our  beautiful tree with your beautiful face.

Check out some examples below for reference.

Onyx TreeOnyx Tree Customers

Renew you

Peace & Hairgrease

Thanksgiving Enlightenment

We had a discussion in the shop the other day and found out that very few people. including myself, don’t know the origins of Thanksgiving in Canada. So I have two questions for all of you.

  1. How did Thanksgiving come about in Canada?
  2. What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

The first question I will not answer for you; you have to do your own research on that one. The second question is pretty common I even saw a reporter asking people on the street the same question. They were giving the same dry old answers; my family, my children my job, my health, so on and so on. I kind of feel like people just give the same generic answers because it sounds nice. But let’s be honest when Thanksgiving rolls around, what are you thinking about? I’m pretty sure it’s not “thanks for your job”. It’s more like “thanks for the long weekend away from my job” or how much pumpkin pie, apple crisp or turkey and stuffing you’re going to eat.

We came to the conclusion that the whole idea behind Thanksgiving is reflection. We all need to reflect, and that’s why I’m writing this blog. I too forgot what Thanksgiving was about and I’m glad I was enlightened. We all need to slow down, take some time to reflect and be thankful for not just the things that are at the forefront but the things that we often forget. Like, we are breathing, we have water to drink, there aren’t bombs exploding outside our bedroom windows. We should especially be thankful for being welcomed and living in the greatest country in the world (uncontested). Take this time to reflect on the path you or your parents or grandparents took to ensure that you could be here and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

Peace and hair grease.

Lots of Comments

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Obama or Mitt: Do you care?

This is the week people! This is what you all have ben waiting for. Who’s going to win? Will it be Mitt or Barack? Who are you voting for? Wait a second, we can’t vote! We’re Canadian, that’s right, did you forget? Staying up late every night for the debates and squabbling at the water cooler the next morning about the binder full of women got you caught up in all this propaganda. But even as Canadians, should we care about this election? That is the question we tackle in the minisode below.


Peace and Hair Grease

Dunk or not?!

One of the many topics this week was basketball. No doubt it’s a reoccurring discussion and I don’t think it will take you long to figure out what the entire barbershop was split on – and right down the middle at that. Blake Griffin!

Was it a dunk or not? Now I need some feedback on this because a common consensus was not met.

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Awwww Yeah; ONYX Barbers got a Blog!


It’s 2012 people, let’s get better together!

We’re giving people out there, who have never stepped foot into ONYX Barbers the opportunity of hearing what goes on in the shop. Through this blog you will hear our views and opinions on what’s happening as only ONYX Barbers can tell it.

You’re gonna love some of what you read and hate some of what you read but either way, let us know in the comments section. We’re not going to hold our tongues so don’t bite yours.

Health, relationships, haircare, sex, world issues, TO gossip and more will be combed through and trimmed on a weekly basis. Please feel free to explore our new site and taste your own piece of ONYX pie!

– Peace & hair grease.