Time Your Cut Correct

It’s the holiday season! Yes yes, I know all of you are excited and for many different reasons. The holidays are right around the corner for those of you that celebrate it and along with the holidays come other occasions for which you need your hair looking correct.

All you out there know exactly what I’m talking about. There are lots of parties or family dinners or winter trips where you’re getting away from the day to day and basking in sun on the beach somewhere. Make sure to time your cut so you look fresh all holiday season as you definitely don’t want a foreign butcher all up in your head.

You need to look fresh at the right moment for the next three weeks. My recommendation to you is to find out when your hair looks the best. Does your hair look the best the day you get a haircut? Or does it look better the second or third day after your haircut? These are the things everyone should learn about themselves. Once you find that out, then you can strategically time your cut!

For example, it’s Sunday and you desperately need a haircut however you’re going on a trip on Wednesday, this is your mild dilemma. Do you get a cut on Sunday, let it grow in during the days in between and possibly get a line up the day of your trip? Then you paid for two cuts! We suggest you should hold out until Tuesday (maybe wear a hat) and then get it freshened up so you look excellent when you’re on the beach.

There are many different scenarios I could use, but what it comes down to is knowing when your hair looks the best and take into consideration the occasions, events and lasting meetings that you have coming up over the next couple of weeks. Get a calendar and TIME YOUR CUT.

Peace and hair grease

Special Occasions

As back-to-school approaches, I started thinking what other occasions do people need a proper haircut.? I realized that there are many monumental times throughout the year and your life when you need a haircut, not to mention those unexpected occasions when you have to look your best. Having open communication with your barber is essential at these times more than ever.

Many people don’t realize how important it is to let your barber know why you’re getting this haircut. For example you come in on a busy Tuesday and you’re getting married on Wednesday. This is an important haircut possibly the most important haircut of your life. Therefore you need to tell your barber “I’m getting married tomorrow this haircut has to be flawless”. I guarantee that you’ll see the barber give you a little extra special treatment to make sure your cut is in fact flawless. You come away with great wedding pictures and the barber feels good about being an integral part of your day. The same goes for birthdays, funerals, job interview, that special  date, and meeting the parents for the first time.

As a barber I can often tell if a customer needs the haircut for something special, the giveaway is if I haven’t seen him or her in a long time. They usually say…..” I didn’t have time to come down here” or “I know I haven’t seen you in awhile but I need that onyx cut, that’s why I’m back.” That’s when my hand starts tingling and I know it’s magic time. You want the best experience for your special occasion, so make sure communication is a big part of your cut once you sit in the chair.

Peace and hair grease

My Child’s First Time

Congratulations! You’ve just had a bouncing baby boy and you’re full of joy and high expectations. But please don’t call us in a month asking if he’s too young to get a haircut! This is something I have yet to be specific about, but every parent needs to know when a child ready for their first haircut. For more than two decades I’ve been answering this question. So I’ve decided to put the info in print for those of you who want to know but never ask. Before your child begins school the Board of Education sends a letter outlining what needs to be done at home first to ensure that the transition is smooth for your child and they are not traumatized. Same thing here! These are some steps to follow to ensure the transition is smooth.

  1. Nothing is to be done in the first year. The child’s head is far too delicate and sensitive to have shavers touching them. An exception can be made if the child’s hair is unusually long. In this case mom and dad needs to use scissors (nothing electric) to clip the unmanageable parts. Read More

Male Pattern Baldness

I believe I touched on this topic before. However when is affects so many of us; about 70% to be exact, frequent discussion is warranted. After all, for the most of us, male pattern baldness is not a smooth transition in life. I started polling customers about their thinning hair to see if it was something that bothered them. And it does bother most men!

Even customers that weren’t balding but just partially thinning were severely stressed about it. I was not surprised by my results. This is why trying to find a cure or some reversible treatment is a personal quest of mine. (any information is welcomed) Mainly because there is nothing to my knowledge on the market that actually works. Yet there are a long list of products that claim to have the solution. Everyone I spoke to won’t mind losing a few dollars trying different products to see if they would work. Guess what, these companies know this too. Which is why they don’t have to find a cure.

Praying on our fragile egos. Chucking anything in a bottle. Followed by a slick commercial and we’re sold. Money in the bank. I want to change that! Please email me at info@onyxbarbers.com with any ingredient or product that you believe works in the fight against balding or thinning hair. We can beat it and spread the word together. In the meantime you have to walk around with a natural number one on top and a three on the sides cuz the growth is lacking. The temporary solution to this is frequent visits to your barber. The longer you wait in between cuts the more noticeable your situation is. So drop by and let us fix you up until we find a cure together.

Peace and hair grease

When should you get a cut?

Why do we get a haircut? Some of you might think this is a no brainer but based on my experience quite a few of you do not know when you should get a haircut. You just started a routine that’s now convenient to follow. Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing. I just wanted to explore the other reasons outside of routine.

When I asked around I got 2 responses; either “I’m going to a function or special occasion” or ‘my significant other has suggested it’. Both resulting in the same conclusion, you feel and look better. So which are you? How do you know it’s time to get a haircut?

Customers ask me from time to time how often they should come in, so for all of you who are undecided I’ll keep it simple. Whether you are going out to the club. Going to the dinner with a girl or sitting on the couch playing video games, you should visit your barber once a week. This way you are ready at all times for any occasion and you’re always feeling good. Now some of you might say you can’t afford it. Here’s a trick! Get lineups in between your haircuts. They are half the price and you get the same effect, especially if your hair doesn’t grow very fast. A lineup or two in between a full haircut will keep you looking fresh. So remember, weekly visits and throw in a line up every other week. Your peers will never know the difference.

Peace and hair grease.

TIPS 101: After the Cut

We received good feedback on our grooming blog released earlier this month so we’ve decided to keep the lines of communication open and offer some more tips. A few customers have asked about grooming tips for after a haircut. We recommend a few simple steps to follow depending on your hair texture and the style you rock.


Over the years tons of people have asked me how to brush their hair so we want to make it clear here. Always start from the crown of your head where the hair swirls and stroke towards your forehead going with the natural grain of your hair. Then towards your ears and finally from the crown again down towards the back of your neck. Read More

TIPS 101: Grooming Schedule

Customers always ask us a few questions as barbers. “When is the best day to come in for a haircut? How often should I get my haircut? How long does a haircut last?” These questions depend on what you want out of your haircut. Everyone will have their own schedules set in place.


The best day to get your haircut depends on why you want to look your best. If you are a full time student or a full time worker for example, you will want to get your haircuts closer to the most important part of the week to you. Read More

What’s your number?

What’s your Number? What do you think of when someone asks you…”what’s your number?” I know what you’re thinking, but we at Onyx Barbers are about to give that question a new meaning. In the week leading up to and after Caribana, you will see Onyx Barbers wearing t-shirts with the question, ‘What’s your number?’

The “What’s you number” movement started from confusion; confusion between the barbers and customers over the level of the clip used to cut their hair. How many times have you gotten a haircut just the way you liked it;  with a number 2 clip as explained by the barber, but you don’t have to think about it until 2 weeks later? You may have forgotten the specifics,  meanwhile your favorite barber is also a favorite to many others and he also has forgotten your level and both of you go through the same old song and dance.

“What level do you want?”

“Huh, umm, I think I got a number 2 or maybe 1.5 last time?”

See what I mean. What’s your number is an initiative to help the barber and customer relationship. We intend to make it easier for you to remember your number and to become more familiar with the barber language. So the next time that you visit us and see your favorite barber wearing the shirt or you see one of our street teams outside,  you can join in on the fun and let them know…what’s your number?

Peace and hair grease

TIPS 101: This is for you!

There are many things that happen in a barber chair that the customer doesn’t notice. Maybe its because you are not the barber but we as barbers have the luxury of sympathizing with both sides because we are still customers at some point. This is another reason why our customer service should seldom falters. Here are a few pointers on what you shouldn’t do in a barber’s chair; simple suggestions that will make your haircut and our day smoother.

Do not chew gum in the chair
As you chew gum the muscles in your face and head are in constant motion. This causes the crisp outcome of any line up or shaves on your face, side burns, jaw and/or chin to be altered. And please don’t give us attitude when we ask you to spit it out; this is for you man! Read More