Pan Am or am not?

We are well on our way through the Pan Am Games, Canada has surpassed its original medal goal and there were some truly excellent achievements from our athletes. I was only slightly interested in going to watch an event and never had the drive to follow through. This saddens me.

You know that we are avid sports fans in the shop, however the build up for these games was a dud. We weren’t introduced to the athletes, we didn’t see general highlights of the countries participating. We don’t even know if there are any rivalries with between athletes/countries. Most people I’ve talked to aren’t even sure which countries are in the games; even though it is kind of obvious. The consensus is that we have heard more about traffic and the HOV lanes before these games than the actual games. People need to know! If we are going for the big one, and when I say the big one I mean the Olympics 2024, we need to shape up. The average man is not interested in watching these games and that is highly unfortunate because it very well could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see top-notch talent.

My recommendation is this, instead of building up animosity towards the games by talking about traffic; we should have been highlighting our athletes on a daily basis through the media. People were starting to regret the games were coming before any events even started. We need a reason to go and watch! And limiting the viewership on TV is not going to push people to go buy tickets (although it was a nice try).

Our great City of Toronto deserves better, we deserved better! The community engagement failed to sell PanAm to Toronto! Our athletes are making an exceptional statement and the citizens of the city are missing history in the making. Shame on you! Shame on us!


Peace and hair grease