Instagram Friends

Sorry to open with a question, but do you consider your social media friends to be your real friends? Think about it. You share the same interests, the same values, you let each other in on the most important occasions in your life. You just don’t see them in person. But does that even matter? 

To tell you the truth, a social media friend might be more pleasurable then a friend you have to see, smell or sometimes tolerate until you build up the nerve to tell them that thing that bugs you. Like how you hate the way they chew their food! Ha! Okay, okay. I’m coming back down. But what about this. Have you realized that you might have a buddy on Instagram that you trade ‘likes’ with?
Months could pass and you get to experience their lives through the phone with pictures and short messages. Is this person a friend? For arguments sake let’s say that you feel like they are, especially after a few hilarious DMs. Do you find it strange knowing that you could walk by a person on the street and not know that it was, say, fly_ magnet_500_pretty_Rick? Or be sitting beside jokerwitapoker27 on the #2 line from Kennedy to Yonge, and not even know it?
I’ve brought this up because I’ve experienced this myself. Being in a shop with thousands of patrons I ‘like’ a lot of random pages, follow who follows me, and on and on. A customer mentioned something I had posted and approached me in a manner that was full of familiarity.
It took me a minute to put the face to the Instagram name but when I did I felt a feeling of friendship. This person and I had gone back and forth liking each other’s post. So this customer Instantly felt like a friend. Strange? Maybe so! But social media has definitely bridged gaps where distance had been an issue.
With this whole new world of ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ the direct meanings of these words are changing! As much as it has sped things up socially however, the depth of our interactions have shallowed. Head nods, grunts, groans and the stale answer of “GOOD” which seems to be the new E=MC squared, are taking the place of real conversation and facial expressions.
So in short I believe that social media friends ARE friends. It’s probably safe to say that they are not on the same level as the brethren you almost drowned with that summer down by the creek. And what social media is doing to our interaction with each other on a whole is an entirely different blog.
Renew you

Welcome Them

Regardless of what you think, they are coming! Sorry to start so bold but I am catching feelings on this one. Why are people so hung up on how many Syrian refugees are coming over or if they should come at all. As far as I’m concerned the conversations we should be having are housing, jobs and effectively blending them into our safe environment as soon as possible. Not whether they can enter or not.

PEOPLE ARE DIEING! And we’re not as far from it as you think. It is our duty to help our fellow man! That is it! That’s why you’re here. People need help, you need to help! It’s the easiest equation in the world. Some of you couch potatoes have forgotten what built this country. Well I’ll tell you. IT WAS PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES! Shutting them out is like putting a limit on our growth as a nation.

Everyone wants to point the finger while beating their chest chanting ” I’m a real Canadian ” well, what the heck does that mean. It brings me back to a conversation I had in high school with a fellow classmate claiming to be a true Canadian. What makes you more Canadian than anyone else?  I said. We were all born here! And your GRANDFATHER came from another country. YEAH! BUT HE WON A STANLEY CUP WITH THE LEAFS! So as you can see there are great minds behind this struggle of keeping everyone here and not letting anyone else in.

We’re all Canadian people! No one man better or more qualified than the other to be so. So remember the next time someone asks you where you’re from and they don’t take Canada for an answer because you might be a visible minority. Ask them where they are from and watch the sparks fly. By the way the longest running Canadian I know is a black man who’s family has been here since the 1700s. I got a little of track, I told you this was a sensitive topic. Bottom line don’t let them in WELCOME THEM IN.

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Living Off the Wall Tour

For the past few weeks in June and now going into July we at Onyx Barbers have teamed up with Vans and Footlocker to provide a very unique service and experience. Barbershops have been popping up every Wednesday in Footlocker stores at different malls across the city. We have been sending one to two barbers to these shops to cut the hair of the public for free. Yes that’s right for free!

Now I know your smiling because it’s a very original idea and you can’t wait to find out where we will be next. It’s very easy; just check our Facebook page for updates. We have two more dates scheduled. Our second last date is July 16th at Bramalea City Centre and our last date is July 23rd the Queen Street West Footlocker. Come and see, as well as feel, the magic when Onyx Barbers reaches the masses. Once again it’s for free and for limited hours, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

When first asked about this opportunity I didn’t quite see the special effect it would have on the public. I just thought” so what! We cut hair inside a store” that doesn’t sound very special. At best will get some publicity! How wrong I was. Read More

I Swear I Can Cook

Can you cook? What’s stopping you from cooking? Too busy to take 1 hour out of the day for yourself and cook a meal? When’s the last time you took the time and really prepared a meal…not just eggs and breakfast.

A friend of mine has been married for over 20 years and typically works 12 hours a day. His wife is a stay at home mom and usually does most of the work around the house. He hadn’t cooked in a decade because “he just didn’t have the time” so it never dawned on him that his children had never seen him cook. True story! Read More

Dressing to Impress

What does it mean to “dress to impress?” What does it entail? Who are you trying to impress and why? These age-old questions have seemingly been voided as fashion and trends transcend over time.

It seems that to impress him/her these days less effort is the secret to success; and I get it. The less effort you have to exert when getting ready shows how much you know yourself and how comfortable you are in your skin and blah blah blah. But what the hell happens when you know yourself like the back of your hand, but don’t know that you can’t dress? Who are you impressing other than yourself? Read More

Is Monogamy Possible?

Monogamy; is it feasible? Are we fighting evolution by being monogamous? Should the love of your life be the only lover for the rest of your life? Yes or No? Well what do you think? Is marriage just for white people? First things first, when you look at yourself (whether you are a male or female) has monogamy worked for you or have you been unable to stay 110% faithful? Are you a serial cheater? Just a one-time offender?


We will certainly all have different responses but my answer is YES monogamy is possible. In 21st century North America however it’s just more difficult. Our culture and lifestyle allows for more chances in which one person could cheat. Visual gratification is pumped through the T.V. and other media channels every second. From a very early age we are thought the importance of looking physically attractive instead of pushing boring old ethics like family values, social etiquette or emotional beauty.


Let’s explore this topic in more detail with our friends from the Black Daddies Club of Toronto on Sunday, April 7th from 1pm at Onyx Barbers. We want to here you!!


Peace and Hair grease


Onyx Barbers

Onyx Barbers is the first stop for the BDC Research Project but check out the other talks from the Black Daddies Club.




Movember 2012

I know most of us are aware of and understand the meaning behind the “pink bow”. For a long time the “pink bow “has represented support for breast cancer awareness. We see pink all over during breast cancer awareness month (October for those who don’t know) and even periodically throughout the year. What about the dudes?

Here at Onyx Barbers the majority of our clients are male and we are here for our brothers this Movember. Now we don’t have to wear a pink bow, but for the better half of the last 10 years, November has turned into Movember where we as men, stand up, and grow our moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Yes! Cancer is attacking us all so our team is joining the fight! We will become a “Mo-bro” team this Movember to help raise much-needed funds for prostate cancer research.

Read More

ONYX Barbers Talks – General Health

When Lowell Stevens & Kirk Tulloch, owners of Onyx Barbers, approached me over a year ago with their vision for “Onyx Barbers Talks,” I was immediately interested and very excited for their initiative.  Their vision for “Onyx Barbers Talks,” with its focus on education and preventive health care, complemented my approach in management of my patients.  Furthermore, Onyx Barbers Talks provides an opportunity to educate the community on my approach to health care and give back to the community by providing young men with tools that will empower them to make informed health decisions to improve their lives. Read More

ONYX Barbers Talks – Diabetes

Come join us for the next 3 days of ONYX Barbers Talks with “Living a Healthy Lifestyle” from Toronto’s Centre Self Management Program.

You can learn how to talk to your doctor , friends and family about Diabetes, how to cope with stress and frustration among other topics. There will be an open forum ending with a free Diabetes introductory workshop.