This is Onyx – The music video

Have you ever punched in OnyxBarbersToronto on YouTube? If the answer is no, you don’t know what you are missing. Yeah yeah you’re thinking how exciting could it be? Barbers cracking jokes and throwing around their personal opinions like its fact. Lol! Well, that does happen but what will definitely surprise you, is that highly skilled barber that cuts your hair week after week might not just be a barber.

This shop is one in million and the Barbers that work here are super talented in all different fields one of which is something that we all have in common, music. Onyx has put together a collaboration like none other. A collaboration that has never been seen ever in the history of Barbering. Our Barbers have come together as artists! Yes artists! And we have to show you, our loving public, our first joint venture and video. It’s the first of many and keep your ears peeled for our Onyx Barbers concert. Check out ‘This is Onyx’ below:


Peace and hair grease.