This is Onyx – The music video

Have you ever punched in OnyxBarbersToronto on YouTube? If the answer is no, you don’t know what you are missing. Yeah yeah you’re thinking how exciting could it be? Barbers cracking jokes and throwing around their personal opinions like its fact. Lol! Well, that does happen but what will definitely surprise you, is that highly skilled barber that cuts your hair week after week might not just be a barber.

This shop is one in million and the Barbers that work here are super talented in all different fields one of which is something that we all have in common, music. Onyx has put together a collaboration like none other. A collaboration that has never been seen ever in the history of Barbering. Our Barbers have come together as artists! Yes artists! And we have to show you, our loving public, our first joint venture and video. It’s the first of many and keep your ears peeled for our Onyx Barbers concert. Check out ‘This is Onyx’ below:


Peace and hair grease.

I Swear I Can Cook

Can you cook? What’s stopping you from cooking? Too busy to take 1 hour out of the day for yourself and cook a meal? When’s the last time you took the time and really prepared a meal…not just eggs and breakfast.

A friend of mine has been married for over 20 years and typically works 12 hours a day. His wife is a stay at home mom and usually does most of the work around the house. He hadn’t cooked in a decade because “he just didn’t have the time” so it never dawned on him that his children had never seen him cook. True story! Read More

Why the NBA needs Jeremy Lin more than Lebron James

You have surely come across the sports sensation, Ivy Leaguer Knickerbocker’s new son; Jeremy Lin. He is even getting All-Star consideration after a week of offering the world a record defying performance paralleling himself with household names like Shaq, Iverson and LBJ. More than likely, some of you may have already joined the ranks of recently added twitter followers to the @JLin7.

Jeremy Lin is not just a common sports buzz; he is shattering attitudes on the sports industry in general, especially during an era of self-absorbed TMZ sports fantasy. Read More

Black History Month…Again!


Actually, its happy African-Canadian Heritage Month. It’s that time of year again; when teachers dust off the Martin Luther King poster from storage and show old PBS documentaries about civil right movement. I’ve heard it through the grape vine and now I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Black History Month (a.k.a. African-Canadian Heritage Month) needs an injection of new flavour.

Toronto is definitely stepping up to the challenge with a plethora of different events, festivals, shows and parties for Black History Month. Here are some of our suggestions: Read More

Awwww Yeah; ONYX Barbers got a Blog!


It’s 2012 people, let’s get better together!

We’re giving people out there, who have never stepped foot into ONYX Barbers the opportunity of hearing what goes on in the shop. Through this blog you will hear our views and opinions on what’s happening as only ONYX Barbers can tell it.

You’re gonna love some of what you read and hate some of what you read but either way, let us know in the comments section. We’re not going to hold our tongues so don’t bite yours.

Health, relationships, haircare, sex, world issues, TO gossip and more will be combed through and trimmed on a weekly basis. Please feel free to explore our new site and taste your own piece of ONYX pie!

– Peace & hair grease.