12 Years A Slave & Counting?

We all know that hard back beating slavery ended a long time ago. 1865 to be exact.  Abraham Lincoln went through a lot of obstacles trying to get it abolished.  (It’s a great story to check out when you have the time). The physical effects of slavery are very distant but the mental remnants are still remarkably intact.  Our new slave owners are a peculiar bunch: Family, education and money.

Our inability to keep the family unit together,  our lack of education (both in and out of the classroom ) and our rat race mentality when it comes to finance IQ,  keeps us at bay for excellence.  We are enslaved by our inability to lead our families.  Try going to higher learning without any money. The family structure has decayed , leaving us susceptible to all the viruses  that are present as a result of incalculable choices.
This month was started by men and women who were told they were not allowed to read, be creative or vote for human rights,  but to”only understand the will of his master”. These wills had strict restrictions on our imagination.  Coincidentally during and after slavery was abolished,  inventions of almost all things (sparing the invention of the wheel) came about which not just benefitted one group of people but all human beings.
Want to see this movie end with a bright and promising outcome?  Instead of watching the movie on Hollywood’s screens,  pick up a book instead and let your imagination do the rest.  Just ask Fredrick Douglass what it did for him.
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Another Black History Month

It’s Black History Month again. I have written about this before and I’m still not sure if I’m excited or not. Black history is very important to me and I guess I just feel like it’s about more than the month.

I’m not satisfied with one month of recognition. Am I alone on this one? The people and the events that we highlight year after year aren’t just black history it’s everyone’s history. It’s the world’s history! It’s clear the history of black people is interconnected with the history of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas; therefore it’s everyone’s history.

What better way for the youth of today to forget their history than to cram everything into one month and forget about it for the other 11 months? Before you know it the stories become mythical, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. “Did that really happen? Did Harriet Tubman really do that ? Children say the darndest things! Oh I didn’t know its just something we used to talk about in February.”

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Canadian Black History

It’s Black History Month again and as usual I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Should we have a month? Should we scrap the month and make it a part of our history curriculum in school and culture? Do you even care?

Does Black History Month affect you in any way or is it just a reason to put up photos of Malcolm X, Martin Luther and now Obama? I wrote those names because I don’t know any others especially Afro-Canadians of note. As a Canadian it’s pathetic that the few names we can easily recall that are attached to black history are American. I’m pretty sure most of my fellow black Canadians (I think Afro-Canadian is too wordy) are in the same boat as me. Read More

Black My Story

HELLO SCOTIA; Happy Black History Month. I just recently returned from Jamaica and once again had the chance to be amongst The MAROONS. In the tradition of oral history, I would like to share my experiences with all of African decent taking pride in our indigenous Scotian history and our relationship to the greatest legacies and stories of the world and the black diaspora. HOTEP

I am proud to be a 7th generation indigenous Scotian from the Preston Township. I write this for our ancestors. I felt a need to share some history that some people are not aware of. I was fortunate to meet with elders from Africa & Jamaica and they gave me some incredibly rich information. Read More

Black History Month Remembered

Who remembered it is Black History month? I’ll be honest, I forgot until around the 5th. Is it important to you? Do you do anything special, different or out of the ordinary to mark the occasion? If you do, I want to hear about it. Give me some ideas!

Now speaking for the shop on a whole we haven’t decorated, put up any extra posters, brought out any additional literature or publicly spoke about it. Is that bad?
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