Lest We Forget

To all who have a Father,  listen up!  This day has come around too may times with the same, lame old gift! A card and a tie. A sale for items you may think a Father might like. Some tools that may complete a set. A terrible breakfast that must be eaten to appease the “children’s god”. It may sound like someone is being ungrateful, however I urge you to read on.
In this first half of the year, we’ve seen quite a few men pass away.
  • Muhammad Ali, legendary boxer and social activist
  • Geordie Howe, the “Father” of hockey
  • Prince, legendary musician
  • Joseph Medicine Crow, incredible author
  • Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire
  • Rene Angelia, husband to Celine Dion
  • Rob Ford, legendary mayor of Toronto
Now you may assume that all of these men are biological fathers because after all, this is a Father’s Day blog post. But not all are, that we know of. But what is quite clear is the appreciation we give them for their merits.
They have changed the way we look at sports, music, literature, government, politics and most importantly, ourselves. They have made us question our integrity, our physical and mental strength, our work ethic, our perseverance and the lens with which we look through life.
Being a true Father means you can only care about that goal! This doesn’t mean you disregard everything else. Actually, it means to stay focused on the goal in spite of everything else. All the aforementioned men had to deal with some type of “hate”. For Ali, it was the government. For Gordie Howe, it was the unknown ceiling of love for a sport. For Prince, it may have been his sexuality and how the world might perceive him. Joseph Medicine Crow battled the stereotypes of First Nations in the ignorant minds of the world. Even for Rob Ford, he had to battle a deadly cancer, hypocritical Politicians and a very scrutinizing world all the while battling for the regular “Joe” taxpayer.
Father’s don’t want gifts. We give gifts. The only gift that is unanimous is the one that lasts in the minds of those who appreciate great memories. These men have all produced great memories.
For all those who put Father’s Day in the same bag as other honourable days, I urge you to think about this next question. Would those days be memorable without the Father’s?
2016-06-19-PHOTO-00005194        2016-06-19-PHOTO-00005192
Lest we forget.

Rob Ford – Good or Evil?

I wanted to wait a bit before I touched this one because I feel it’s a sensitive issue. I know you as, a viewer, have noticed what’s happened. Rob Ford (may he rest in peace) has passed away and I haven’t heard or seen anything negative about him in the media whatsoever. I’ve witnessed people grieving, giving condolences, a parade and long lines filled with scores of people all waiting to pay their respects. Also, at least a dozen of his peers publicly gushing over the great effort he put into his job. Is this the media? Or is it the people? Which ever it is, we have a problem!
Someone is feeding us, the viewer, the wrong information. When Rob Ford was in office the media portrayed him as an incompetent, insensitive blow-hard that was one step away from prison and one sniff away from the crack house. I almost wondered if it were all some sort of scam! How could this man in a democratic society be voted in when no one likes him?
Or is that what they would have us think? Even during the ups-and-downs of Rob’s fight with cancer, the respect for his family and privacy was slim. But now he’s gone, and the condemners are applauding his efforts and memory. “Cared about the tax payers” they say. “Always working for the people” they say. Call me crazy, but I don’t think hundreds of people lined up to see his coffin at city hall because he was a terrible man. I don’t think citizens were crying on national television over a man they’ve never met because he was a poor leader! What I think (and this is solely my opinion) is that Rob Ford exposed the brotherhood of politics and moved in his own lane. No one likes that! They didn’t like that!
I believe he did his job to the best of his ability and I believe his intentions were good. In the end, you can’t cover up good intent. When you attend a man’s funeral you will learn everything you need to know about his life and how he lived it by who shows up. I’ve been to empty funerals by so called good people. Rob Ford’s funeral was packed and it was an event. That’s organic, that’s REAL!
May God be with him and his children.
Renew you.

This is Onyx – The music video

Have you ever punched in OnyxBarbersToronto on YouTube? If the answer is no, you don’t know what you are missing. Yeah yeah you’re thinking how exciting could it be? Barbers cracking jokes and throwing around their personal opinions like its fact. Lol! Well, that does happen but what will definitely surprise you, is that highly skilled barber that cuts your hair week after week might not just be a barber.

This shop is one in million and the Barbers that work here are super talented in all different fields one of which is something that we all have in common, music. Onyx has put together a collaboration like none other. A collaboration that has never been seen ever in the history of Barbering. Our Barbers have come together as artists! Yes artists! And we have to show you, our loving public, our first joint venture and video. It’s the first of many and keep your ears peeled for our Onyx Barbers concert. Check out ‘This is Onyx’ below:


Peace and hair grease.

Grooming our city one kid at a time

Free cuts for kids 12 years of age and under every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until Monday, September 29th, 2014. We didn’t cut as many kids in Toronto as we wanted to so we are extending it to the entire month of September! 

With the up coming school year, Onyx Barbers is on a mission. Now before I get into the details, I’ll have you know that the following information will be shocking to all of you but has always been apart of our business. The idea is free. Not the idea itself but the movement. To give something for nothing.

Free has been apart of Onyx Barbers for a long time. Free gift bags and cheers for new customers. Free cuts on your birthday. Free cuts on customer appreciation days. Free Sundays back in the summer of 2003, and now our biggest gift of all. Are you ready for this? Free cuts for kids 12 year of age and under every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday in September. 

Free back to school kid's cuts at Onyx Barbers

Free back to school kid’s cuts at Onyx Barbers every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday throughout September

That’s right! We want to make you smile right in time for back to school. Back in 2001 we cut for charity in a Brampton recreation centre and I’ll never forget the feeling of appreciation we received. Since then we’ve been addicted to giving and it’s time we scratch that itch in a big way! We know that a difference can be made in our city if we could cut every kid’s hair for free. Just imagine an entire generation of kids with a higher sense of self, self esteem and pride in grooming with that financial burden lifted off of the family. We are venturing to start this trend as of Monday August 18th and Wednesday, August 20th. Bring your kids in and send them to school feeling and looking fresh, the cost is on us! We need to take care of the youth. Let’s groom our city one kid at a time.

Proper government issued id (birth certificate) must be presented before the cut for each child. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. 

Peace and hair grease.

Dressing to Impress

What does it mean to “dress to impress?” What does it entail? Who are you trying to impress and why? These age-old questions have seemingly been voided as fashion and trends transcend over time.

It seems that to impress him/her these days less effort is the secret to success; and I get it. The less effort you have to exert when getting ready shows how much you know yourself and how comfortable you are in your skin and blah blah blah. But what the hell happens when you know yourself like the back of your hand, but don’t know that you can’t dress? Who are you impressing other than yourself? Read More

Is Monogamy Possible?

Monogamy; is it feasible? Are we fighting evolution by being monogamous? Should the love of your life be the only lover for the rest of your life? Yes or No? Well what do you think? Is marriage just for white people? First things first, when you look at yourself (whether you are a male or female) has monogamy worked for you or have you been unable to stay 110% faithful? Are you a serial cheater? Just a one-time offender?


We will certainly all have different responses but my answer is YES monogamy is possible. In 21st century North America however it’s just more difficult. Our culture and lifestyle allows for more chances in which one person could cheat. Visual gratification is pumped through the T.V. and other media channels every second. From a very early age we are thought the importance of looking physically attractive instead of pushing boring old ethics like family values, social etiquette or emotional beauty.


Let’s explore this topic in more detail with our friends from the Black Daddies Club of Toronto on Sunday, April 7th from 1pm at Onyx Barbers. We want to here you!!


Peace and Hair grease


Onyx Barbers

Onyx Barbers is the first stop for the BDC Research Project but check out the other talks from the Black Daddies Club.




Ethnic Violence

Since the beginning of the year we have already had 11 homicides and 22 shootings according to the Toronto Police Services. The age of the victims is the concern more so than the total number of deaths or injuries   

Now let’s be honest with each other when you were fed this information by TV, radio or the internet where did you think the problems stemmed from? For a lot of people the answer would be the black community. All ethnic groups can be victimized by homicide but it does seem that when it hits a black person or a lower income neighborhood it’s good enough to make the front page and lingers for a few days, even weeks. Read More

The Movember Affect

With Movember in full swing and record numbers of men growing their moustaches, we want to know how your growth has affected your day-to-day life. We want to hear about your Movember experiences. Are you being shunned from your partner or do they respect the strength of your cause? Do you feel younger or older?

This is my first year being involved and the conversations I’ve gotten have been unexpected. There’s also the manly recognition you experience when you see another guy with a clean-shaven face and a caterpillar on his lips.  It’s reminiscent of a fraternity; yes a fraternity of moustaches! I find myself watching people more and giving as well a receiving a lot of head nods. These nods act as a silent signs that we both understand what the other is going through. Read More

Lights, Camera & Action

If you’ve ever been to the shop you’ve seen us filming and recording cuts and special events so you know we’re comfortable with cameras. We therefore have tons of footage.  Check out a little something we put together on our YouTube page.

We offer more that a cut here at ONYX Barbers. Some of our value added services include:

  1. Entertaining characters; we’ve got that!
  2. Characters with interesting personal lives outside of the show; we’ve got that!
  3. A wide range of personalities with unique opinions appealing to a wide audience; we’ve got that!
  4. A depth of topics for captivating conversations; we’ve got that!

Pease & hair grease

TIPS 101: This is for you!

There are many things that happen in a barber chair that the customer doesn’t notice. Maybe its because you are not the barber but we as barbers have the luxury of sympathizing with both sides because we are still customers at some point. This is another reason why our customer service should seldom falters. Here are a few pointers on what you shouldn’t do in a barber’s chair; simple suggestions that will make your haircut and our day smoother.

Do not chew gum in the chair
As you chew gum the muscles in your face and head are in constant motion. This causes the crisp outcome of any line up or shaves on your face, side burns, jaw and/or chin to be altered. And please don’t give us attitude when we ask you to spit it out; this is for you man! Read More