The Onyx Tree is UP

One of my favourite times of the year is upon us! It’s my favourite time of year because this season makes my children sooo happy. So regardless of what you celebrate or what you do on your special holiday, don’t forget no one enjoys this time of year more than the kids. Ice skating, snow balls, presents and two weeks off of school are right around the corner.

We have a tradition at OnyxBarbers, something we started last year. We put up a tree! An Onyx tree decorated with our customers! This time of year we want to put a special emphasise on our customers and show how much we appreciate them. So on your next visit let our desk staff snap a polaroid of you with your fresh cut, sign it (cause you’re a star) and decorate our  beautiful tree with your beautiful face.

Check out some examples below for reference.

Onyx TreeOnyx Tree Customers

Renew you

Peace & Hairgrease

Men’s Health & Awareness

In light of MOVEmber and the movement of mens health and awareness, I’ve chosen to highlight what has happened to me this past year. At the end of 2014, after a substantial amount of weight loss, I was diagnosed with hernia. This came as a shock to me because I’ve always felt physically invincible. I had to come to terms with the fact that I would be down and out for some time. At least, the average man would…so I was told.

The story goes like this, and I will try to be brief. I hopped out of the shower one morning after a session at the gym. I saw a small golf size bulge protruding from my groin area. I didn’t feel any pain but I noticed that I was able to push the bulge back in. This was my first clue that it might be  a hernia.  I’ve had some friends in the same situation so I went straight to  St. Mike’s Emergency to get a diagnosis. They confirmed what I already thought and made an appointment for me to get it all patched up.

Now this is information you need to know. After doing my research I found out in hospitals they insert a kevlar patch  to strengthen the weak area in your abdomen. This is not what you want to do! The kevlar patch moves over time and could potentially burst causing even more problems. Obviously they don’t tell you that!

We are so blessed in Ontario to have the best of the best in the medical field and I found it in beloved Thornhill. SHOULDICE HERNIA CLINIC! Hands down the best place in North America. Dr. Shouldice invented an extraordinary method during WWII in which soldier’s could recover faster and get back to the field. They sow you up with metal thread and it makes the area impenetrable permanently. Shouldice Hernia Clinic is the only place that does this procedure! I made my appointment in February 2015 and after my third night’s stay, I was feeling great.

Hernia Post Surgery

I was given a timeline of 6 weeks for no heavy lifting and 6-12 months full recovery. I..however, could work after 1 week (although my wife wanted me to stay at home). I was in the gym after 1 month and feeling 100% after 3 months!

My journey taught me a lot about hernia’s and through my conversations with customers I’ve found out that many of you are walking around with a hernia. Don’t be silly! We have all the resources at our disposal.


Get your physical and take care of your body its the only one that you’ve got. You very well could be the 1 in 4 that will develop a hernia in your lifetime! That’s a 25% chance people. Renew you!!

Peace & hair grease

Giving Thanks?

If you don’t believe in celebrating holidays or occasions then I totally understand where you’re coming from. I used to be you! But a friend of mine once told me a long time ago that I had to change my views on holidays because we need something to celebrate. And as I get older and wiser I actually have come to appreciate the holidays no matter what holiday it is.

This weekend is Thanksgiving and most of you out there do not know how or why this holiday came about. But as important as it is to find out the origin of things and understand why they exist, it is just as important to extract the good from them and embrace what the holiday means today. I’ve learnt that celebrating holidays gives you time away from your current day-to-day and a lot of people wont take that time out voluntarily. So we in turn need these holidays!

Sit back, play with your children, have a conversation with a parent or an elder, create new memories! Think back about the time that passed since last Thanksgiving. Ask yourself what has changed? What have you learned? What are you appreciative of? What have you lost? Don’t be afraid to dwell on your thoughts after all it’s your life! I think if you slow it down, take a breather and ask yourself these questions it will be very easy to enjoy your Thanksgiving and that does mean giving thanks.


Peace and hair grease

Back to School – Colouring Contest

Back to school is back! Change is around the corner for all ages.  Whether you are in elementary school, high school or university/college you are all going back to school. YIPPEE! No more late nights, playing outside all day or video game marathons. Instead you get to go to bed early, wake up early, have limited cell phone usage and video games only on the weekends, if at all. Aren’t you excited!?

I know I know! That wasn’t funny, however I’ve got great news for all those 12yrs old and under. Along with getting your back to school haircut for free [on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays], we are holding an Onyx Barbers colouring contest. Prizes consist of 10 brand new onyx knap sack filled with school supplies, valued at $50! And to the grand prize winner….his/her picture will be framed and put on our wall of fame along with the knap sack filled with goodies and lastly a $50 gift certificate for Toys R US .BOOM! CALM DOWN!

I know you’re excited but stay focused, I need to tell you how to enter. First things first, you have to be 12 or younger. Next, you have to come down to Onyx Barbers to pick up your copy of the picture to be coloured or download the image below. Next, create magic and return the picture with your name, age and contact email/phone on the back. All entries are due by Thursday September 17th. The winner will be announced and contacted on Friday, September 18th. Good luck and start colouring!

Download for Entry

Download for Entry

Peace & Hair Grease

This is Onyx – The music video

Have you ever punched in OnyxBarbersToronto on YouTube? If the answer is no, you don’t know what you are missing. Yeah yeah you’re thinking how exciting could it be? Barbers cracking jokes and throwing around their personal opinions like its fact. Lol! Well, that does happen but what will definitely surprise you, is that highly skilled barber that cuts your hair week after week might not just be a barber.

This shop is one in million and the Barbers that work here are super talented in all different fields one of which is something that we all have in common, music. Onyx has put together a collaboration like none other. A collaboration that has never been seen ever in the history of Barbering. Our Barbers have come together as artists! Yes artists! And we have to show you, our loving public, our first joint venture and video. It’s the first of many and keep your ears peeled for our Onyx Barbers concert. Check out ‘This is Onyx’ below:


Peace and hair grease.

What Does Caribana Mean?

What does Caribana mean to you? In your mind does it even exist? Do you call it Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival? (no of course you don’t since no one does) Is it a time of the year when our city is flooded with American tourists lusting for the culture they lack? Do you take the week off work, and without guilt, hit up every soca fete in the city? Do you post up on Yonge St and holla American slang at the ladies who are dressed for mas? Or maybe you are a lady just looking to give a little wine? (cause you know a little wine never hurt no body) Oh my Toronto people, how I love thee!

I think I remember what Caribana is supposed to be about. The celebration of diversity. The celebration of our parents/grandparents and the courage it took for them to leave their country. The respect and jubilation we share with each other and our cultures. The gift of song, dance and public displays of love and affection sprinkled with colourful costumes.

Let’s keep it positive as we palance.

Photos below from our Caribanna Celebrations in the shop:


Peace and hair grease.

Pan Am or am not?

We are well on our way through the Pan Am Games, Canada has surpassed its original medal goal and there were some truly excellent achievements from our athletes. I was only slightly interested in going to watch an event and never had the drive to follow through. This saddens me.

You know that we are avid sports fans in the shop, however the build up for these games was a dud. We weren’t introduced to the athletes, we didn’t see general highlights of the countries participating. We don’t even know if there are any rivalries with between athletes/countries. Most people I’ve talked to aren’t even sure which countries are in the games; even though it is kind of obvious. The consensus is that we have heard more about traffic and the HOV lanes before these games than the actual games. People need to know! If we are going for the big one, and when I say the big one I mean the Olympics 2024, we need to shape up. The average man is not interested in watching these games and that is highly unfortunate because it very well could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see top-notch talent.

My recommendation is this, instead of building up animosity towards the games by talking about traffic; we should have been highlighting our athletes on a daily basis through the media. People were starting to regret the games were coming before any events even started. We need a reason to go and watch! And limiting the viewership on TV is not going to push people to go buy tickets (although it was a nice try).

Our great City of Toronto deserves better, we deserved better! The community engagement failed to sell PanAm to Toronto! Our athletes are making an exceptional statement and the citizens of the city are missing history in the making. Shame on you! Shame on us!


Peace and hair grease

New Beginnings

Don’t get too depressed but 2014 is about to wrap up. It’s that time of year when people start regretting, looking back at the past, and hoping for a change in the future. How about switching it up? Write down and document all the positive and good things you’ve done this year instead of focusing on what you didn’t do and your failures.

This new concept was brought to me by a friend of mine, and made me realize how much I actually had  accomplished this year. I instantly went from my ordinary end-of-year depressed state to a moment of joy and fulfillment because I truly was surprised. Once you list everything on paper or iPad if you wish, it’s quite gratifying. So to all our Onyx customers and friends don’t look back with regret this year. Let’s look forward to what more you can add to your life and what positive changes you can make for 2015. It’s not the end of the year is the start of a NEW BEGINNING.

Speaking of new beginnings, one of our barbers had has gone through a life changing experience and is willing to share it with all of you. 5 months ago Kirk from station number 10 got some news from a random check up with the doctor. He was told he was overweight and his blood pressure was 150/94. At this point he was advised to go on medication to get it down. That was his wake up call. He pleaded with the doctor to allow him to try and lower his blood pressure and weight on his own without medication. With that incentive over the following 5 months he lost over 70 pounds on a recent trip to the doctor she was shocked to see that his blood pressure has gone down to 107/72. Now thats what I call finishing the year with a bang! Please feel free to ask him how he accomplished this as he loves sharing his secrets.


And remember it’s not the end of the year is the start of a NEW BEGINNING.

Peace and hair grease

Time Your Cut Correct

It’s the holiday season! Yes yes, I know all of you are excited and for many different reasons. The holidays are right around the corner for those of you that celebrate it and along with the holidays come other occasions for which you need your hair looking correct.

All you out there know exactly what I’m talking about. There are lots of parties or family dinners or winter trips where you’re getting away from the day to day and basking in sun on the beach somewhere. Make sure to time your cut so you look fresh all holiday season as you definitely don’t want a foreign butcher all up in your head.

You need to look fresh at the right moment for the next three weeks. My recommendation to you is to find out when your hair looks the best. Does your hair look the best the day you get a haircut? Or does it look better the second or third day after your haircut? These are the things everyone should learn about themselves. Once you find that out, then you can strategically time your cut!

For example, it’s Sunday and you desperately need a haircut however you’re going on a trip on Wednesday, this is your mild dilemma. Do you get a cut on Sunday, let it grow in during the days in between and possibly get a line up the day of your trip? Then you paid for two cuts! We suggest you should hold out until Tuesday (maybe wear a hat) and then get it freshened up so you look excellent when you’re on the beach.

There are many different scenarios I could use, but what it comes down to is knowing when your hair looks the best and take into consideration the occasions, events and lasting meetings that you have coming up over the next couple of weeks. Get a calendar and TIME YOUR CUT.

Peace and hair grease

No One Cares What You Believe

It’s the holiday season! Some of you are excited, some of you are depressed and some of you are angry? I’ve noticed every year when the holiday season rolls around, people love to voice their opinions on what they believe or don’t believe. Why not just enjoy the short break that we all get from the mundane day to day.

What I’m really getting at is, it doesn’t benefit anyone to voice your discontent about the holidays and what you believe it should really be about. Let’s just enjoy the fact that many different groups, religions and ethnicities are taking part in relaxing with family and loved ones over the holidays. It might be Christmas, it might be Hanukkah, and it might be Kwanzaa or the upcoming Chinese New Year! We’re all celebrating something at this time of year. I’m coming to realize it really doesn’t matter what you call your holiday, it all means the same thing to all of us. Joy, peace and happiness.

So I come back to the beginning, no one cares what you believe! So the next time someone is telling you why they have their Christmas tree up, or why they’re going to their specific church to have an evening service or why that orange elephant is above their door, do us all a favour, shut your mouth, smile and tell them to have a happy holiday.

Here at Onyx we’re celebrating the holidays with our very own Onyx Tree. Come in to the shop and celebrate with us by adding your photo to the tree.

Peace and hair grease.