Is it me or is Valentine’s Day dying?

Have you seen a commercial this year for Valentine’s Day? Have you noticed the flower shops closing in your neighbourhood? Are you excited about getting your loved one flowers and chocolates? Or something niftier like a pair of socks or tickets to the Raptors game? Well you are not alone; I personally have not even noticed that we are creeping up on Valentine’s Day.

There is no doubt in my mind that the average person has caught on to the hoax and trickery that we have been fed all our lives. Valentine’s Day is all about consumerism which is all about us spending our hard-earned money. Just look at the calendar every month, we must have at least one day where we are guilted into spending money for no apparent reason.

I don’t want to come off as a grumpy grouch but this forum is for the truth and this is truthfully my opinion. We need to ban Valentine’s Day!  I don’t think 1 out of 10 people even know how the Day originated. We just fly out of our seats at lunchtime and scramble to get something (just anything) to bring home to our loved ones or else for some strange reason our whole relationship becomes compromised. This is disgusting and I will not put up with this pressure any longer.

Please take the egg shells from under my feet. I do not want to buy flowers. I do not want to buy a teddy bear. I do not want to buy chocolates. We do not want to be controlled or told what to do. I know I am not alone because as a barber I hear the grumblings starting in January every year. “I’m still trying to recover from Christmas and Valentine’s is around the corner.”

I love my wife! And I have no issue showering her with love and affection every day of the year. People, talk to your partner and tell them know how much you love them every day; don’t save it for 1 out of 365. Show them they’re more than flowers and candy.

So, let’s backtrack and go over what we discussed. Valentine’s Day is a joke! RIGHT!? It is slowly dying and becoming insignificant in our society. However, I’m not trying to bash Mr. Valentine, after all I have no idea who he is. All I’m trying to say is that we need to love each other daily and that does not have to include spending money on gifts. Love equals time and that’s the hardest and most precious gift you can ever give someone.


Peace & Hair grease

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