Who was Prince?

Prince.PurpleRain.OnyxBarbersAn unforgettable figure in the music industry has passed away, and it happened so suddenly and prematurely. It’s forced me to ask myself this question about one of my favourite artists. Who was Prince? A singer, an entertainer, a writer, a musician, a poet, a mentor or a talent scout? Was he all those things? I started to ask myself these questions last week when something very strange happened to me.

I was in a colleagues barbershop trading secrets when the news of Prince’s passing came up. We were commenting on how terrible and sudden the  information was when a customer chimed in and asked, who was Prince?

I said excuse me? What did you say? He repeated, “Who was Prince?” I was in shock! How is this possible? Have I been living in denial? Am I the only one to have seen Prince as one of the biggest entertainers and musicians of our time?

Instantly I started doubting myself. Then my colleague who is 28 years my senior and Italian confirmed my sentiments in his response. You don’t know who Prince is? I know what you all are thinking. The customer is probably a kid, right? Wrong! He is a grown man, thirty plus! And he’d honestly never heard of Prince. My mind was racing. How many others out there are ignorant to pop culture.

You don’t have to be into music to have heard of Prince. Am I right? Or am I wrong? Is Prince not on the level of Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley and Michael Jordan? He’s ICONIC! If you dropped any of these names in any parts of the world with any age group, they would at least find them recognizable, right? Maybe not! I need you, the public, to comment and give me your answers. Was he great? Was he eccentric? Was he an artist? Was he iconic? Who was Prince?

Renew you.

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