Rob Ford – Good or Evil?

I wanted to wait a bit before I touched this one because I feel it’s a sensitive issue. I know you as, a viewer, have noticed what’s happened. Rob Ford (may he rest in peace) has passed away and I haven’t heard or seen anything negative about him in the media whatsoever. I’ve witnessed people grieving, giving condolences, a parade and long lines filled with scores of people all waiting to pay their respects. Also, at least a dozen of his peers publicly gushing over the great effort he put into his job. Is this the media? Or is it the people? Which ever it is, we have a problem!
Someone is feeding us, the viewer, the wrong information. When Rob Ford was in office the media portrayed him as an incompetent, insensitive blow-hard that was one step away from prison and one sniff away from the crack house. I almost wondered if it were all some sort of scam! How could this man in a democratic society be voted in when no one likes him?
Or is that what they would have us think? Even during the ups-and-downs of Rob’s fight with cancer, the respect for his family and privacy was slim. But now he’s gone, and the condemners are applauding his efforts and memory. “Cared about the tax payers” they say. “Always working for the people” they say. Call me crazy, but I don’t think hundreds of people lined up to see his coffin at city hall because he was a terrible man. I don’t think citizens were crying on national television over a man they’ve never met because he was a poor leader! What I think (and this is solely my opinion) is that Rob Ford exposed the brotherhood of politics and moved in his own lane. No one likes that! They didn’t like that!
I believe he did his job to the best of his ability and I believe his intentions were good. In the end, you can’t cover up good intent. When you attend a man’s funeral you will learn everything you need to know about his life and how he lived it by who shows up. I’ve been to empty funerals by so called good people. Rob Ford’s funeral was packed and it was an event. That’s organic, that’s REAL!
May God be with him and his children.
Renew you.