Welcome Them

Regardless of what you think, they are coming! Sorry to start so bold but I am catching feelings on this one. Why are people so hung up on how many Syrian refugees are coming over or if they should come at all. As far as I’m concerned the conversations we should be having are housing, jobs and effectively blending them into our safe environment as soon as possible. Not whether they can enter or not.

PEOPLE ARE DIEING! And we’re not as far from it as you think. It is our duty to help our fellow man! That is it! That’s why you’re here. People need help, you need to help! It’s the easiest equation in the world. Some of you couch potatoes have forgotten what built this country. Well I’ll tell you. IT WAS PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES! Shutting them out is like putting a limit on our growth as a nation.

Everyone wants to point the finger while beating their chest chanting ” I’m a real Canadian ” well, what the heck does that mean. It brings me back to a conversation I had in high school with a fellow classmate claiming to be a true Canadian. What makes you more Canadian than anyone else?  I said. We were all born here! And your GRANDFATHER came from another country. YEAH! BUT HE WON A STANLEY CUP WITH THE LEAFS! So as you can see there are great minds behind this struggle of keeping everyone here and not letting anyone else in.

We’re all Canadian people! No one man better or more qualified than the other to be so. So remember the next time someone asks you where you’re from and they don’t take Canada for an answer because you might be a visible minority. Ask them where they are from and watch the sparks fly. By the way the longest running Canadian I know is a black man who’s family has been here since the 1700s. I got a little of track, I told you this was a sensitive topic. Bottom line don’t let them in WELCOME THEM IN.

Renew you

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