The Onyx Tree is UP

One of my favourite times of the year is upon us! It’s my favourite time of year because this season makes my children sooo happy. So regardless of what you celebrate or what you do on your special holiday, don’t forget no one enjoys this time of year more than the kids. Ice skating, snow balls, presents and two weeks off of school are right around the corner.

We have a tradition at OnyxBarbers, something we started last year. We put up a tree! An Onyx tree decorated with our customers! This time of year we want to put a special emphasise on our customers and show how much we appreciate them. So on your next visit let our desk staff snap a polaroid of you with your fresh cut, sign it (cause you’re a star) and decorate our  beautiful tree with your beautiful face.

Check out some examples below for reference.

Onyx TreeOnyx Tree Customers

Renew you

Peace & Hairgrease

Men’s Health & Awareness

In light of MOVEmber and the movement of mens health and awareness, I’ve chosen to highlight what has happened to me this past year. At the end of 2014, after a substantial amount of weight loss, I was diagnosed with hernia. This came as a shock to me because I’ve always felt physically invincible. I had to come to terms with the fact that I would be down and out for some time. At least, the average man would…so I was told.

The story goes like this, and I will try to be brief. I hopped out of the shower one morning after a session at the gym. I saw a small golf size bulge protruding from my groin area. I didn’t feel any pain but I noticed that I was able to push the bulge back in. This was my first clue that it might be  a hernia.  I’ve had some friends in the same situation so I went straight to  St. Mike’s Emergency to get a diagnosis. They confirmed what I already thought and made an appointment for me to get it all patched up.

Now this is information you need to know. After doing my research I found out in hospitals they insert a kevlar patch  to strengthen the weak area in your abdomen. This is not what you want to do! The kevlar patch moves over time and could potentially burst causing even more problems. Obviously they don’t tell you that!

We are so blessed in Ontario to have the best of the best in the medical field and I found it in beloved Thornhill. SHOULDICE HERNIA CLINIC! Hands down the best place in North America. Dr. Shouldice invented an extraordinary method during WWII in which soldier’s could recover faster and get back to the field. They sow you up with metal thread and it makes the area impenetrable permanently. Shouldice Hernia Clinic is the only place that does this procedure! I made my appointment in February 2015 and after my third night’s stay, I was feeling great.

Hernia Post Surgery

I was given a timeline of 6 weeks for no heavy lifting and 6-12 months full recovery. I..however, could work after 1 week (although my wife wanted me to stay at home). I was in the gym after 1 month and feeling 100% after 3 months!

My journey taught me a lot about hernia’s and through my conversations with customers I’ve found out that many of you are walking around with a hernia. Don’t be silly! We have all the resources at our disposal.


Get your physical and take care of your body its the only one that you’ve got. You very well could be the 1 in 4 that will develop a hernia in your lifetime! That’s a 25% chance people. Renew you!!

Peace & hair grease