Giving Thanks?

If you don’t believe in celebrating holidays or occasions then I totally understand where you’re coming from. I used to be you! But a friend of mine once told me a long time ago that I had to change my views on holidays because we need something to celebrate. And as I get older and wiser I actually have come to appreciate the holidays no matter what holiday it is.

This weekend is Thanksgiving and most of you out there do not know how or why this holiday came about. But as important as it is to find out the origin of things and understand why they exist, it is just as important to extract the good from them and embrace what the holiday means today. I’ve learnt that celebrating holidays gives you time away from your current day-to-day and a lot of people wont take that time out voluntarily. So we in turn need these holidays!

Sit back, play with your children, have a conversation with a parent or an elder, create new memories! Think back about the time that passed since last Thanksgiving. Ask yourself what has changed? What have you learned? What are you appreciative of? What have you lost? Don’t be afraid to dwell on your thoughts after all it’s your life! I think if you slow it down, take a breather and ask yourself these questions it will be very easy to enjoy your Thanksgiving and that does mean giving thanks.


Peace and hair grease