New Beginnings

Don’t get too depressed but 2014 is about to wrap up. It’s that time of year when people start regretting, looking back at the past, and hoping for a change in the future. How about switching it up? Write down and document all the positive and good things you’ve done this year instead of focusing on what you didn’t do and your failures.

This new concept was brought to me by a friend of mine, and made me realize how much I actually had  accomplished this year. I instantly went from my ordinary end-of-year depressed state to a moment of joy and fulfillment because I truly was surprised. Once you list everything on paper or iPad if you wish, it’s quite gratifying. So to all our Onyx customers and friends don’t look back with regret this year. Let’s look forward to what more you can add to your life and what positive changes you can make for 2015. It’s not the end of the year is the start of a NEW BEGINNING.

Speaking of new beginnings, one of our barbers had has gone through a life changing experience and is willing to share it with all of you. 5 months ago Kirk from station number 10 got some news from a random check up with the doctor. He was told he was overweight and his blood pressure was 150/94. At this point he was advised to go on medication to get it down. That was his wake up call. He pleaded with the doctor to allow him to try and lower his blood pressure and weight on his own without medication. With that incentive over the following 5 months he lost over 70 pounds on a recent trip to the doctor she was shocked to see that his blood pressure has gone down to 107/72. Now thats what I call finishing the year with a bang! Please feel free to ask him how he accomplished this as he loves sharing his secrets.


And remember it’s not the end of the year is the start of a NEW BEGINNING.

Peace and hair grease

Time Your Cut Correct

It’s the holiday season! Yes yes, I know all of you are excited and for many different reasons. The holidays are right around the corner for those of you that celebrate it and along with the holidays come other occasions for which you need your hair looking correct.

All you out there know exactly what I’m talking about. There are lots of parties or family dinners or winter trips where you’re getting away from the day to day and basking in sun on the beach somewhere. Make sure to time your cut so you look fresh all holiday season as you definitely don’t want a foreign butcher all up in your head.

You need to look fresh at the right moment for the next three weeks. My recommendation to you is to find out when your hair looks the best. Does your hair look the best the day you get a haircut? Or does it look better the second or third day after your haircut? These are the things everyone should learn about themselves. Once you find that out, then you can strategically time your cut!

For example, it’s Sunday and you desperately need a haircut however you’re going on a trip on Wednesday, this is your mild dilemma. Do you get a cut on Sunday, let it grow in during the days in between and possibly get a line up the day of your trip? Then you paid for two cuts! We suggest you should hold out until Tuesday (maybe wear a hat) and then get it freshened up so you look excellent when you’re on the beach.

There are many different scenarios I could use, but what it comes down to is knowing when your hair looks the best and take into consideration the occasions, events and lasting meetings that you have coming up over the next couple of weeks. Get a calendar and TIME YOUR CUT.

Peace and hair grease

No One Cares What You Believe

It’s the holiday season! Some of you are excited, some of you are depressed and some of you are angry? I’ve noticed every year when the holiday season rolls around, people love to voice their opinions on what they believe or don’t believe. Why not just enjoy the short break that we all get from the mundane day to day.

What I’m really getting at is, it doesn’t benefit anyone to voice your discontent about the holidays and what you believe it should really be about. Let’s just enjoy the fact that many different groups, religions and ethnicities are taking part in relaxing with family and loved ones over the holidays. It might be Christmas, it might be Hanukkah, and it might be Kwanzaa or the upcoming Chinese New Year! We’re all celebrating something at this time of year. I’m coming to realize it really doesn’t matter what you call your holiday, it all means the same thing to all of us. Joy, peace and happiness.

So I come back to the beginning, no one cares what you believe! So the next time someone is telling you why they have their Christmas tree up, or why they’re going to their specific church to have an evening service or why that orange elephant is above their door, do us all a favour, shut your mouth, smile and tell them to have a happy holiday.

Here at Onyx we’re celebrating the holidays with our very own Onyx Tree. Come in to the shop and celebrate with us by adding your photo to the tree.

Peace and hair grease.