We the North!

I don’t usually touch on sports, or at least I haven’t done it in a while. But I must say although it might be a little premature the Raptors are legit! Most professionals and experts will tell you the benchmark in which you judge a team is 20 games. That is 25% into the season. Right now the Raptors are sitting with the best record in the NBA tied with Memphis; a team which they have already beat. In my opinion that makes them the best team in the NBA.

Now I know we shouldn’t get excited because we’ve been here before with the Raptors getting us all hyped up and then letting us down. But we have never been the best team in the NBA and in a few short games we will have reached that 20 game mark. The whole league is talking about the Raptors even in the barber shop and when we hit that mark we’ll see if we’re are still number 1 in the league or even number 2. It is a big glimpse into what the end of the season will look like.

I also want to mention a few highlights, that Brazilian kid that we drafted he is the truth! You’re not going to see it yet but you will never see a 7-footer move so fluidly and smoothly with and without the ball. In 3 years maybe 2, that kid is going to be a big problem. And with the attitude that the Raptors have along with the fact that these guys legitimately like one another their chemistry is unmatched.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not are Raptors fan but I must acknowledge when a team is performing at a high level. They’re doing all the things that good team’s do fighting their way back, winning 4th quarters, hitting end of quarter shots and all. This is exciting! In such a short amount of time guys have already fitted into their rules and other teams are still trying to catch up. The Raptors are right now the best and they’re only going to get better this young team is the future!

Peace and hair grease

Remembrance Day Upgrade


Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget


Does this year’s Remembrance Day feel different to you? There’s something in the air that says this year is more important than others. Possibly we have more to remember or be grateful for? I want all of you to really think about this. Next year, Remembrance Day will probably be a holiday. Do you think it is worthy? Or should we  recognized it in the same way we always have?


I know I’m hitting you with a lot of questions right out the gate but I want to acknowledge that this year’s Remembrance Day is different. A lot of people feel that because of the tragedies with present day soldiers on Canadian soil, that it has heightened the feeling of the season and the significance of the poppy. For the first time since I’ve been alive people have been wearing the poppy earlier then ever; in October even!

I wonder if our veterans feel slighted in some way. Because it hasn’t been a holiday all these years, does that mean we didn’t really recognize what they’ve done? Is it more significant because armed forces died on Canadian soil in 2014 and not grandpa’s old roommate? Nevertheless in my opinion it should have always been a holiday. A soldier lost is a soldier lost whether it’s 1914 or 2014. And recognition on that day, November the 11th, is about not just the lives lost but the monumental imprint that war has put in our memories and hearts.

Peace and hair grease!