Amy Winehouse circa 2003

Wednesday July 23rd will mark the third anniversary of the day the world lost the talented Amy Winehouse. Let’s take you back to circa 2003.

Back in the summer 2003 a then little known jazz artist from London-town came to Toronto to do her first Canadian interview. Fitting her personality, oddly enough, she wanted it done in a barbershop and we were happy to oblige. Here at Onyx we thought it would be interesting to dig deep in the archives and let all of you see this video.

Living Off the Wall Tour

For the past few weeks in June and now going into July we at Onyx Barbers have teamed up with Vans and Footlocker to provide a very unique service and experience. Barbershops have been popping up every Wednesday in Footlocker stores at different malls across the city. We have been sending one to two barbers to these shops to cut the hair of the public for free. Yes that’s right for free!

Now I know your smiling because it’s a very original idea and you can’t wait to find out where we will be next. It’s very easy; just check our Facebook page for updates. We have two more dates scheduled. Our second last date is July 16th at Bramalea City Centre and our last date is July 23rd the Queen Street West Footlocker. Come and see, as well as feel, the magic when Onyx Barbers reaches the masses. Once again it’s for free and for limited hours, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

When first asked about this opportunity I didn’t quite see the special effect it would have on the public. I just thought” so what! We cut hair inside a store” that doesn’t sound very special. At best will get some publicity! How wrong I was. Read More

World Cup Fever

The greatest tournament in the world  is almost over and the tension is starting to build for each country. Everyone has a country’s team picked to win by now, weather you are an expert soccer fan, a casual soccer watcher or you have no idea what an ‘off-side’ is, you are sure your team will win the 2014 World Cup. That’s the magic of the world cup it brings everyone together, soccer lover or not and you just want to be a part of what’s happening.

Especially in T.Dot, the most multicultural city in the world. It’s amazing to see all the cars with flags from different countries (sometimes on the vehicle), everyone showing who they are representing. And it’s no different in the shop. A world cup soccer match is one of the few things we can keep on the television all day long and everyone is magnetized to it. I’m curious why we love the world cup so much? What about the greatest game on earth attracts you even if you don’t understand the game? It’s a question we should all ask ourselves.

I think I know the answer but I would love some feedback from all of you. Is it the 4 year wait we all have to go through to taste it? Is it the story of the underdog? Is it the fact that a third world country can compete on the same level as a ‘rich’ nation.? Maybe it’s all of the above! Most of us have come to Canada from another country. I think watching our former homes fight for glory is in some way connecting us to our roots. When and if they win, then we win! Nevertheless it’s magical to walk through the mall and see hundreds of people packed in front of the big screen not shopping but cheering for their team and their country.

Peace and hair grease