My Child’s First Time

Congratulations! You’ve just had a bouncing baby boy and you’re full of joy and high expectations. But please don’t call us in a month asking if he’s too young to get a haircut! This is something I have yet to be specific about, but every parent needs to know when a child ready for their first haircut. For more than two decades I’ve been answering this question. So I’ve decided to put the info in print for those of you who want to know but never ask. Before your child begins school the Board of Education sends a letter outlining what needs to be done at home first to ensure that the transition is smooth for your child and they are not traumatized. Same thing here! These are some steps to follow to ensure the transition is smooth.

  1. Nothing is to be done in the first year. The child’s head is far too delicate and sensitive to have shavers touching them. An exception can be made if the child’s hair is unusually long. In this case mom and dad needs to use scissors (nothing electric) to clip the unmanageable parts. Read More