12 Years of Barbering

Thursday, April 3rd is the 12 year anniversary for ONYX Barbers. I think it’s a good sign that after being in business for 12 years everyday still feels new and fresh. When I speak about the shop in my mind I tend to want to say it’s a new business. I suppose that’s because we are continually striving to grow and change. We have also been blessed enough to have customers that have been willing to take this 12 year ride with us.

The most asked question that I receive is “How have you been able to be successful for 12 years?” The answer is easy, it’s the customers. The superstars that patronize our business from week to week make it easy to keep going, growing and getting better. My fondest experience in barbering is looking at a young man coming in to get a haircut and remembering the growth that he has gone through. I remember when he was a child coming with his mother. Then a teenager coming in with his friends. And now he’s a young man coming in on his own. That is the growth that I love to see and that is what  keeps ONYX Barbers going. In the future I look forward to seeing that young man bring his son into the shop for his first haircut.

Being a part of that cycle is the best feeling in the world. And I want to once again thank all of our customers for helping ONYX Barbers make it this far. The future is bright bring on lucky 13.

Peace and hair grease