Male Pattern Baldness

I believe I touched on this topic before. However when is affects so many of us; about 70% to be exact, frequent discussion is warranted. After all, for the most of us, male pattern baldness is not a smooth transition in life. I started polling customers about their thinning hair to see if it was something that bothered them. And it does bother most men!

Even customers that weren’t balding but just partially thinning were severely stressed about it. I was not surprised by my results. This is why trying to find a cure or some reversible treatment is a personal quest of mine. (any information is welcomed) Mainly because there is nothing to my knowledge on the market that actually works. Yet there are a long list of products that claim to have the solution. Everyone I spoke to won’t mind losing a few dollars trying different products to see if they would work. Guess what, these companies know this too. Which is why they don’t have to find a cure.

Praying on our fragile egos. Chucking anything in a bottle. Followed by a slick commercial and we’re sold. Money in the bank. I want to change that! Please email me at with any ingredient or product that you believe works in the fight against balding or thinning hair. We can beat it and spread the word together. In the meantime you have to walk around with a natural number one on top and a three on the sides cuz the growth is lacking. The temporary solution to this is frequent visits to your barber. The longer you wait in between cuts the more noticeable your situation is. So drop by and let us fix you up until we find a cure together.

Peace and hair grease

Feed the Deed

Pay it forward was a movie that came out in 2000 and if you didn’t see it, it was about a little boy that came up with the idea for a school project to do something nice for 3 people, who would in return do something nice for 3 other people. He believed eventually the niece deeds will touch the whole world. It was a brilliant idea. So since then different forms of paying it forward have popped up and I just a think it’s a beautiful concept.

A few months ago people were astonished to find out that their morning coffee had been already covered. It spread like wildflowers, people were randomly prepaying for hundreds of Timmys special brew….annonomously. I remember watching the morning news surprised to see what a free cup of coffee did for people.Unless you’ve never experienced it nothing feels better than helping someone else especially a stranger. The feeling is magical. Because social media is so huge right now doing good deeds have spread in the form of a video. People posting deeds of various types and sharing with friends. I like this, I think it helps to spread the word faster. Kindness for your fellow man overall.

A regular customer came into the shop about 2 weeks ago and paid for all the haircuts of the customers that were presently getting their hair cut, in the name of Feed the Deed by Kindness Counts. He filmed himself , nominated three friends and posted it to Facebook . Those three people who also have to go out within 24 hours and do a good deed also filming themselves for the charity. He had previously been nominated and that’s when he thought of using Onyx Barbers in his deed. And we were more than happy to be a part of the good deed. Here is a video of some of the customers reactions.

Peace and hair grease