12 Years A Slave & Counting?

We all know that hard back beating slavery ended a long time ago. 1865 to be exact.  Abraham Lincoln went through a lot of obstacles trying to get it abolished.  (It’s a great story to check out when you have the time). The physical effects of slavery are very distant but the mental remnants are still remarkably intact.  Our new slave owners are a peculiar bunch: Family, education and money.

Our inability to keep the family unit together,  our lack of education (both in and out of the classroom ) and our rat race mentality when it comes to finance IQ,  keeps us at bay for excellence.  We are enslaved by our inability to lead our families.  Try going to higher learning without any money. The family structure has decayed , leaving us susceptible to all the viruses  that are present as a result of incalculable choices.
This month was started by men and women who were told they were not allowed to read, be creative or vote for human rights,  but to”only understand the will of his master”. These wills had strict restrictions on our imagination.  Coincidentally during and after slavery was abolished,  inventions of almost all things (sparing the invention of the wheel) came about which not just benefitted one group of people but all human beings.
Want to see this movie end with a bright and promising outcome?  Instead of watching the movie on Hollywood’s screens,  pick up a book instead and let your imagination do the rest.  Just ask Fredrick Douglass what it did for him.
Peace & Hair Grease

Family Day – Free for now

I wonder how long it will take for the economist to realizes that they are not making any money on Family Day. Just like all the other made up holidays they will soon attach a theme and cocktail story to it. Most likely about a mythical creature which we will all have to buy in a fluffy, stuffed form. An aisle in Dollarama and Shoppers Drug Mart will be decorated in the chosen colour scheme; maybe in purple.

The marketing could start after New Years and do battle over consumers with Mrs Valentine. Or it could be a post Valentine flood of purple stuffed dolphins? Our children will never know the difference. Just that its Family Day and you have to get that purple dolphin on your door. Sounds silly doesn’t it but this is how it starts. And if you are not aware, societal pressures will make you feel so guilty that you’re not a part of it, you’ll go broke trying to fit in. Until one day you’ll be scratching your head wondering when did it become so necessary to be normal?

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As for now, I’m all for Family Day, cuz I’m all for families. I can speak for all of the Onyx Barber clan in saying please take the free time to enjoy and appreciate your families this Family Day. Because one day it might not be free.

Peace and hair grease .

What Valentine’s Day?

Who was Valentines? And why do we celebrate him? Does anyone know? Please hit me up and give me the answer! The only Valentine I know of is DeAngelo Valentine and he works the reception desk here at Onyx Barbers. I hope we’re not buying chocolate cause of him!

Guys the girls got us on this one because I think there’s not one man on this planet who cares about Valentine’s Day. Its been invented by a woman! I’m sure of it. Only a smart woman would come up with an occasion involving the exchange of flowers, chocolate, candy and the odd diamond. Do the research people! Is this day valid and not an emotional cash grab? Let me know.

I want the name and date of fortune because I’m tired of acknowledging an occasion I know nothing about and I’m definitely not going to feel guilty for not having a gift for my significant other. So for business purposes however I will wish you a Happy Valentines and be cordial but I’m not happy about it . And I’m confident in speaking for the majority of men I know out there I hope you ladies are reading.

Peace and hair grease

Another Black History Month

It’s Black History Month again. I have written about this before and I’m still not sure if I’m excited or not. Black history is very important to me and I guess I just feel like it’s about more than the month.

I’m not satisfied with one month of recognition. Am I alone on this one? The people and the events that we highlight year after year aren’t just black history it’s everyone’s history. It’s the world’s history! It’s clear the history of black people is interconnected with the history of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas; therefore it’s everyone’s history.

What better way for the youth of today to forget their history than to cram everything into one month and forget about it for the other 11 months? Before you know it the stories become mythical, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. “Did that really happen? Did Harriet Tubman really do that ? Children say the darndest things! Oh I didn’t know its just something we used to talk about in February.”

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