When should you get a cut?

Why do we get a haircut? Some of you might think this is a no brainer but based on my experience quite a few of you do not know when you should get a haircut. You just started a routine that’s now convenient to follow. Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing. I just wanted to explore the other reasons outside of routine.

When I asked around I got 2 responses; either “I’m going to a function or special occasion” or ‘my significant other has suggested it’. Both resulting in the same conclusion, you feel and look better. So which are you? How do you know it’s time to get a haircut?

Customers ask me from time to time how often they should come in, so for all of you who are undecided I’ll keep it simple. Whether you are going out to the club. Going to the dinner with a girl or sitting on the couch playing video games, you should visit your barber once a week. This way you are ready at all times for any occasion and you’re always feeling good. Now some of you might say you can’t afford it. Here’s a trick! Get lineups in between your haircuts. They are half the price and you get the same effect, especially if your hair doesn’t grow very fast. A lineup or two in between a full haircut will keep you looking fresh. So remember, weekly visits and throw in a line up every other week. Your peers will never know the difference.

Peace and hair grease.

2014 is here

The ball has dropped. It’s a new year! Is that a bad thing or good thing for you? Or just a thing? Are you anxious as you think about the “what if’s” and “should haves” from 2013? Or are you excited about opportunities to come in 2014? Nevertheless the year is new and so are you.

Many of you got ready and celebrated with your friends or strangers, spent a couple of bucks and drank or kissed your way into 2014. Others did something a little quieter, a little cheaper and reflected your way in. While to some, it was just another night and if you’re lucky you worked to get that time and a half. However you spent your night, it’s over and 2014 has begun. The only rule to remember for this year is to not make a resolution you can’t keep. Actually a better rule is, definitely do not start your resolution on January 1st. It’s like making up to break up. You’re setting yourself up for disaster. Start the 3rd week in January or February 1st, when all the hype has died down.

Whatever you do with your year, it’s your year! Live, laugh, love, forgive, forget, help and be positive.

Peace and hair grease!