Back To School

Aren’t you all ecstatic? It’s the end of summer vacation, the end of the Ex and the wind down of Canada’s Wonderland. It’s the beginning of school!

Let me guess you are all breaking your necks to get new clothes, new shoes and a fresh cut so you can show everyone your best on the first day of school. Showing everyone how much you’ve grown and how much your swag has changed (in two months) is a must. But everyone else is doing the same thing, so how different or how much of an individual are you going to be?

Over the years, I’ve watched kids come to the shop to shave off their summer ‘fros and leave looking the same – fresh. I mean that’s a great plan, but take my advice and save the back to school cut for the second or third week in. I know it sounds crazy but all the kids will get used to the regular you for those first weeks and when everyone else’s first day freshness is fading away that’s when you step in Sept 16th with the only fresh cut.

Talk about standing out and making an imprint. Don’t fall into the first day flash and glitter. All that wears off and when it does we’ll be waiting to take care of you at Onyx Barbers.

Peace & Hair Grease