Rudy Gay

The most exciting occurrence since Linsanity has just unfolded in Toronto. A trade between the Pistons, Memphis and the cRaptors has brought Rudy Gay to the t-dot. We waited a long time to be able to say that we have a star and I think he could be one. Instead of forcing sub-par players into last minute pressure situations then criticizing them when they fail, we now have a player who is a legitimate star. A player who was a stand out on a very good team can now come to where his talents will be not only appreciated but severely needed. Read More

Canadian Black History

It’s Black History Month again and as usual I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Should we have a month? Should we scrap the month and make it a part of our history curriculum in school and culture? Do you even care?

Does Black History Month affect you in any way or is it just a reason to put up photos of Malcolm X, Martin Luther and now Obama? I wrote those names because I don’t know any others especially Afro-Canadians of note. As a Canadian it’s pathetic that the few names we can easily recall that are attached to black history are American. I’m pretty sure most of my fellow black Canadians (I think Afro-Canadian is too wordy) are in the same boat as me. Read More