Die Strong

I know most of you have heard either a little or too much about the Lance Armstrong doping tug of war. Some of you probably questioned why the powers that be seemed to have been crucifying Lance? “He is an extraordinary athlete; of course he did not take steroids. They just need a reason to justify his prowess.” I was no different.

I remember during his 13 year long stance on being clean I referred many customers to the Jay Leno show interview talking about his birth defect that enabled him to take in more oxygen than the average man. That must be it; I’d say over and over again. That’s his advantage. He’s gifted! Others thought for sure he was taking steroids. They all take steroids so he just got caught. There is no way you could win 7 Tour de France races without using something extra. Read More

TIPS 101: After the Cut

We received good feedback on our grooming blog released earlier this month so we’ve decided to keep the lines of communication open and offer some more tips. A few customers have asked about grooming tips for after a haircut. We recommend a few simple steps to follow depending on your hair texture and the style you rock.


Over the years tons of people have asked me how to brush their hair so we want to make it clear here. Always start from the crown of your head where the hair swirls and stroke towards your forehead going with the natural grain of your hair. Then towards your ears and finally from the crown again down towards the back of your neck. Read More