The End…

December 12, 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar and allegedly the world. It seemed to be a bigger topic last year and the date is now fast approaching so I ask you, what are your opinions on December 21, 2012? The date said to be the day the world ends. Last year the topic was often brought up in the media and in conversation alike but has the hype died down? Is the public just terrified to discuss it anymore? What do you think?

Did the Mayans know something we didn’t? Does this date in time signify something other than the end of the world? Maybe it’s not the end but the end of things as we know it? I’m not going to make speculations on this topic but I want you to get back to us on what you think? How the world will change on that date or is it just like many predictions before – a hoax?

Peace and hair grease

Ford Out?!

In 2010 the City of Toronto elected a new mayor and from the get-go the media has been funnelling us with his personal and professional antics. Did Mr. Ford really do a bad job? What do you think? I talk to at least 25 different people daily and I’ve never heard anyone say anything flattering about Rob for the past 2 years. So if everyone claims to hate him, then who voted for him?

Rob has come across as a joke sometimes, starting from gravy train speeches to multiple 911 calls questionably requesting special treatment and continuing to failed weight loss challenges topped by TTC bus rentals for his high school football team. Not to mention the viral video of his football hike and tumble. But should we believe what the media feeds us? Is he doing his job? What improvements has he made to the City of Toronto? If you know, get back to me and let another side of this story be told. All I do know is Rob Ford has been court ordered to step down for office over $3,000. We shall see how hated he is in a few months when the appeals are done he is permanently ousted making the city have to spend $7 million on a bi-election.

Personally, I think Doug should run. He’s really been the mayor the last 2 years anyway!


Peace & Hair grease.