Just when you’re feeling crappy about Toronto sports franchises here come the Boatmen. The Leafs are locked out but then again often disappointing. The Jays just finished a season where they started good but like usual became plagued by injuries. The Raptors just plain out suck trying to pass off low rent players  as franchise leaders. Let’s set it straight, there is not one franchise team in Toronto worth cheering for!

Wait; there is light at the end of the tunnel in the often forgotten Argos. Not only was the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto but also the Argo’s were in the game and killed the Calgary Stampeders 35 – 22. Three weeks ago we sat in the barbershop and watched the Argo’s come back and win the Eastern semi-finals. Then last week we sat and watched Chad Owens lead us past the Montreal Alouettes to take the Eastern championship. We wondered should we get excited? Doesn’t winning the 100th Grey Cup a record 16th time on home field sound like a little too much to ask? Especially from a Toronto fan!

Heck No, cause we did! Like a true Double Blue Toronto fan I’m back on the wagon. Go Ricky Ray! Bring home another one next year! Now excuse me but I have to go buy an Argo’s jersey.

Peace and hair grease

The Movember Affect

With Movember in full swing and record numbers of men growing their moustaches, we want to know how your growth has affected your day-to-day life. We want to hear about your Movember experiences. Are you being shunned from your partner or do they respect the strength of your cause? Do you feel younger or older?

This is my first year being involved and the conversations I’ve gotten have been unexpected. There’s also the manly recognition you experience when you see another guy with a clean-shaven face and a caterpillar on his lips.  It’s reminiscent of a fraternity; yes a fraternity of moustaches! I find myself watching people more and giving as well a receiving a lot of head nods. These nods act as a silent signs that we both understand what the other is going through. Read More

Obama or Mitt: Do you care?

This is the week people! This is what you all have ben waiting for. Who’s going to win? Will it be Mitt or Barack? Who are you voting for? Wait a second, we can’t vote! We’re Canadian, that’s right, did you forget? Staying up late every night for the debates and squabbling at the water cooler the next morning about the binder full of women got you caught up in all this propaganda. But even as Canadians, should we care about this election? That is the question we tackle in the minisode below.


Peace and Hair Grease