What’s your number?

What’s your Number? What do you think of when someone asks you…”what’s your number?” I know what you’re thinking, but we at Onyx Barbers are about to give that question a new meaning. In the week leading up to and after Caribana, you will see Onyx Barbers wearing t-shirts with the question, ‘What’s your number?’

The “What’s you number” movement started from confusion; confusion between the barbers and customers over the level of the clip used to cut their hair. How many times have you gotten a haircut just the way you liked it;  with a number 2 clip as explained by the barber, but you don’t have to think about it until 2 weeks later? You may have forgotten the specifics,  meanwhile your favorite barber is also a favorite to many others and he also has forgotten your level and both of you go through the same old song and dance.

“What level do you want?”

“Huh, umm, I think I got a number 2 or maybe 1.5 last time?”

See what I mean. What’s your number is an initiative to help the barber and customer relationship. We intend to make it easier for you to remember your number and to become more familiar with the barber language. So the next time that you visit us and see your favorite barber wearing the shirt or you see one of our street teams outside,  you can join in on the fun and let them know…what’s your number?

Peace and hair grease