Father’s Day is for the Single

Father’s Day is coming up and if you’re a father you very well know that you are getting a tie or shirt for the ‘Holiday’ celebration. If you’re not a father but have already bought your tie or shirt just know that your dad is probably already disappointed with your past ties and shirts.

It’s not your fault. Society doesn’t put any importance on this day. A tie or a mug would do since dad doesn’t really care any way, right? That’s all false! Read More

Lights, Camera & Action

If you’ve ever been to the shop you’ve seen us filming and recording cuts and special events so you know we’re comfortable with cameras. We therefore have tons of footage.  Check out a little something we put together on our YouTube page.

We offer more that a cut here at ONYX Barbers. Some of our value added services include:

  1. Entertaining characters; we’ve got that!
  2. Characters with interesting personal lives outside of the show; we’ve got that!
  3. A wide range of personalities with unique opinions appealing to a wide audience; we’ve got that!
  4. A depth of topics for captivating conversations; we’ve got that!

Pease & hair grease