TIPS 101: This is for you!

There are many things that happen in a barber chair that the customer doesn’t notice. Maybe its because you are not the barber but we as barbers have the luxury of sympathizing with both sides because we are still customers at some point. This is another reason why our customer service should seldom falters. Here are a few pointers on what you shouldn’t do in a barber’s chair; simple suggestions that will make your haircut and our day smoother.

Do not chew gum in the chair
As you chew gum the muscles in your face and head are in constant motion. This causes the crisp outcome of any line up or shaves on your face, side burns, jaw and/or chin to be altered. And please don’t give us attitude when we ask you to spit it out; this is for you man! Read More

ONYX Barbers Talks – General Health

When Lowell Stevens & Kirk Tulloch, owners of Onyx Barbers, approached me over a year ago with their vision for “Onyx Barbers Talks,” I was immediately interested and very excited for their initiative.  Their vision for “Onyx Barbers Talks,” with its focus on education and preventive health care, complemented my approach in management of my patients.  Furthermore, Onyx Barbers Talks provides an opportunity to educate the community on my approach to health care and give back to the community by providing young men with tools that will empower them to make informed health decisions to improve their lives. Read More