ONYX Barbers Camera – Sinai Birth


The first of many videos have arrived. Short videos, skits, anecdotes and blurbs will be waiting here for your feedback and amusement. Check in on a weekly basis for contest and discount details attached to each video.

This first one is Kirk talking about the birth of his second child at Mount Sinai hospital and how it almost never happened.

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ONYX Barbers Talks – Diabetes

Come join us for the next 3 days of ONYX Barbers Talks with “Living a Healthy Lifestyle” from Toronto’s Centre Self Management Program.

You can learn how to talk to your doctor , friends and family about Diabetes, how to cope with stress and frustration among other topics. There will be an open forum ending with a free Diabetes introductory workshop.


Is Marriage for White People?

A few days ago we received a call from City News asking us to be interviewed on our thoughts about the new controversial book “Is Marriage for white people?” by Ralph Richard Banks. Put down your brow and just give me a chance. We agreed, the reporters came in a briefed us on the content and some colorful comments ensued based on the information we were provided about the book. I write this segment on ONYX Barber’s behalf.

I went to the bookstore to sift through the book – sold out, none to be found! This book, which is written by an African American professor, is saying that as African American women are becoming more professional and earning more, African American men are becoming less professional and earning less. Resulting in a gap between the 2 genders so big that they aren’t meeting in their social circles and hence not marrying each other. Read More