Black My Story

HELLO SCOTIA; Happy Black History Month. I just recently returned from Jamaica and once again had the chance to be amongst The MAROONS. In the tradition of oral history, I would like to share my experiences with all of African decent taking pride in our indigenous Scotian history and our relationship to the greatest legacies and stories of the world and the black diaspora. HOTEP

I am proud to be a 7th generation indigenous Scotian from the Preston Township. I write this for our ancestors. I felt a need to share some history that some people are not aware of. I was fortunate to meet with elders from Africa & Jamaica and they gave me some incredibly rich information. Read More

Linsanity Continues!

Knicks fans stand up! Jeremy Lin has brought you up out of the basketball cellar and onto a seven game winning streak. Well, Carmelo was out and so was Stoudemire but yet this 23 year old, Harvard grad has been finding amazing ways to win!

It’s not only winning that’s impressive but also the way he’s been winning. You can’t teach being “clutch” and you can’t teach 4th quarter takeovers (ask Lebron). In the shop,  we do not deny Lin is a great “make it big” story, but is that all there is? Is he exceptional or just a flare up fluke? Give us some more feedback since we’ve had plenty in the past 2 weeks. Read More

Why the NBA needs Jeremy Lin more than Lebron James

You have surely come across the sports sensation, Ivy Leaguer Knickerbocker’s new son; Jeremy Lin. He is even getting All-Star consideration after a week of offering the world a record defying performance paralleling himself with household names like Shaq, Iverson and LBJ. More than likely, some of you may have already joined the ranks of recently added twitter followers to the @JLin7.

Jeremy Lin is not just a common sports buzz; he is shattering attitudes on the sports industry in general, especially during an era of self-absorbed TMZ sports fantasy. Read More

Black History Month Remembered

Who remembered it is Black History month? I’ll be honest, I forgot until around the 5th. Is it important to you? Do you do anything special, different or out of the ordinary to mark the occasion? If you do, I want to hear about it. Give me some ideas!

Now speaking for the shop on a whole we haven’t decorated, put up any extra posters, brought out any additional literature or publicly spoke about it. Is that bad?
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Dunk or not?!

One of the many topics this week was basketball. No doubt it’s a reoccurring discussion and I don’t think it will take you long to figure out what the entire barbershop was split on – and right down the middle at that. Blake Griffin!

Was it a dunk or not? Now I need some feedback on this because a common consensus was not met.

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Black History Month…Again!


Actually, its happy African-Canadian Heritage Month. It’s that time of year again; when teachers dust off the Martin Luther King poster from storage and show old PBS documentaries about civil right movement. I’ve heard it through the grape vine and now I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Black History Month (a.k.a. African-Canadian Heritage Month) needs an injection of new flavour.

Toronto is definitely stepping up to the challenge with a plethora of different events, festivals, shows and parties for Black History Month. Here are some of our suggestions: Read More

Awwww Yeah; ONYX Barbers got a Blog!


It’s 2012 people, let’s get better together!

We’re giving people out there, who have never stepped foot into ONYX Barbers the opportunity of hearing what goes on in the shop. Through this blog you will hear our views and opinions on what’s happening as only ONYX Barbers can tell it.

You’re gonna love some of what you read and hate some of what you read but either way, let us know in the comments section. We’re not going to hold our tongues so don’t bite yours.

Health, relationships, haircare, sex, world issues, TO gossip and more will be combed through and trimmed on a weekly basis. Please feel free to explore our new site and taste your own piece of ONYX pie!

– Peace & hair grease.